Daventry Town Football Club

Daventry Town Football Club

The FA Groundsman of the Year Awards 2013

By JWD, 7th Aug 2013

This marks the 12th year that the awards have recognised the unsung heroes of the grassroots game through seven national categories.

I am happy to report that Daventry Town Groundsman and Team Manager Darran Foster, alongside Father John Foster, won a splendid trophy for coming third in the Southern League Award and won a Certificate for Highly Commended at level Steps 3 + 4.

Congratulations go to both Darran and John for winning these prestigious Awards.

2013 Finalists List

Southern League Award

Darran Foster, Daventry Town - THIRD
Idris Noel Elms, Levington
Robert Filer, Paulton Rovers
Mark Webb, Shortwood United

National Award Steps 3 & 4

Brian Quinnell, Bognor Regis Town
Darran Foster, Daventry Town – Highly Commended
Martin Burr, Mertham FC
James Talbot, Nantwich Town
Robert Filer, Paulton Rovers
Mark Webb, Shortwood United

For more information pre - awards presentation click HERE



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